Being Lutheran

We are Rooted in Grace - Reaching Out in Christ's Love.  For us, being Lutheran is not based on the person of Martin Luther as much as it is based on the reforming movement he stirred with his understanding and experience of God's profound grace - God's undeserved love.


It all starts with God's attitude of love toward the world, which we celebrate in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism when we are joined to Christ in life, death and resurrection.  We gather as a community of faith so that we can live out our baptismal identity to be People of Grace in a chaotic and often confusing world.  When we gather, we spend time in scripture, we pray, we sing, we receive God's gift of Holy Communion, and we help each other discover ways we can live generously, graciously, and compassionately in our neighborhoods and the larger world, all for Jesus' sake.  While appreciating our past, we are open to the Holy Spirit's surprises for the present and future, and we live each day in confidence of God's love for us.  All are welcome to be part of this walk in faith as a person of Grace.






Recognizing the undeserved love we have received, we open our lives and our hearts to be people of Grace to others.

Our worship focuses on what it means to follow Jesus as a witness to God's love and grace for the good of the world.  We hope you will be with us whenever you are able.  It is our privilege to welcome people of all types and experience as part of the faith community.


On July 27, the people of Grace adopted this statement.  It is not just a welcome, but an invitation.  We want you to know God's unconditional love, and believe that this is a community where we can practice mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and grace.


In response to Christ's boundless love for all, members of Grace share that love by inviting all - regardless of ethnicity or race, educational or religious background, economic, physical, mental or social condition, gender identity or sexual orientation - to come and participate in the life of Grace.