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Grace Lutheran Church in Boulder, CO

Sunday Worship Services

Participation in person

Or remotely via Zoom (meeting ID: 334 845 412)

Sundays @ 10 am


We worship on Sundays and invite you to join us live in our beautiful Sanctuary or participate remotely with this link and the downloadable Sunday bulletin. Masks are encouraged for indoor Worship Services.


You can also watch or listen to the service on the Grace Boulder facebook page. Can't find the service you are looking for? Some older recordings live on the Grace Boulder YouTube channel Please contact our office to assist if you cannot find what you need.


If you are worshipping remotely, Pastor Matthew invites you to construct your own, at-home altar and prepare the elements for at-home communion as part of our Sunday Worship Services. He gives further instructions on the construction and elements here.

Bulletin: Sunday, November 26, 2023
2023.11.26 Bulletin FINAL.pdf
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As of May 11, 2023, the CDC declared the end to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The Boulder County COVID rate is currently low, which has been consistently true for months. While there has been a recent uptick of COVID cases, the numbers remain relatively low. 


At Grace, we are always concerned for each others’ safety, well-being, and comfort - we want to help one another stay as safe and healthy as possible. We do not ask anyone to wear a mask at worship; still, anyone is welcome to wear a mask at any time. During Sunday morning worship, the Pastor and Assisting Minister have been wearing, and will likely continue to wear, masks while serving Holy Communion - but not during the rest of the liturgy. We will continue to keep the air filters running during worship, and will have disposable masks available for anyone who wants one. 


Naturally, if any of the transmission or infection data change significantly, we will revisit these expectations. If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please talk with Pr. Matthew.

Holy Communion

If you are worshipping remotely, Pastor Matthew invites you to construct your own, at-home altar and prepare the elements for at-home communion as part of our Worship Services. He gives further instructions on the construction and elements here.


Come and be part of the Grace worshiping community.  Let God's word proclaimed in speech and music bring you closer to the One who loves you. Come join us!