Stewardship @ Grace

Your stewardship at Grace is more important now than ever. Without in-person Worship Services where offerings are collected, we hope that you will take the extra time to fulfill your pledges and continue to support our Monthly Partners in Ministry. There are a couple of easy ways you can do this:



  • Mail a personal check to the church and we will deposit the check, much like offering plate giving.
  • If you already pay your bills with Online Bill Pay at your bank this is another ideal way to make your offering. Simply add Grace Lutheran Church as one of your Payees and set up a gift either for 1) one-time payments or 2) recurring payments. These checks are mailed directly to the church by your bank.


Electronic Giving

  • Grace uses a program called Simply Giving. This is great for people who want to donate the same amount every month. This is done using an electronic withdrawal from your bank account and into the account for the church. If you need assistance, please contact the church office.
  • If you are comfortable with phone apps for doing banking and payments, go to your App store and install GivePlus+ to give electronically. If you need assistance, please contact the church office.


Thank you in advance!